Fume Hood Testing & Calibration

Fume Hood Testing Services

Regular, periodic testing and calibration of laboratory fume hoods is critical to maintaining effective operation and ensuring the health and safety of your research staff.

As one of only a select group of contractors possessing the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB) certification for Fume Hood Performance Testing, Sander Mechanical has established a reputation of integrity in the evaluation and calibration of laboratory fume hoods. Sander’s technical team is among the elite few in the U.S. qualified to complete fume hood performance testing in a manner that exceeds the ANSI/ASHRAE 110 standard.

Why Test Fume Hoods?

  • Provides a method of evaluating the fume hood’s ability to contain and exhaust fumes under a set of standard conditions.
  • Serves as a means for comparative analysis of fume hoods.
  • Helps provide criteria for new fume hood procurement.
  • Offers a method to commission and verify performance of new fume hood installations.
  • Manages risk and liability by regularly verifying and documenting that your fume hoods are operating according to established industry performance standards.
  • Serves as a forensic tool to aid in identifying problems or deficiencies with an installed laboratory fume hood HVAC system.

According to NEBB, face velocity testing by itself is not an accurate measure of performance, nor is it accepted by OSHA as a viable indicator of safety. However, it is not uncommon to find many facilities still limiting their evaluation regimen to face velocity testing alone.

While there are many companies that will claim to offer comprehensive fume hood testing services, it is only with NEBB certification that standards for comprehensive and accurate testing are being upheld.

NEBB Certification in Fume Hood Testing offers hospitals, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and educational facilities tangible proof of a firm’s technical knowledge and competency to test fume hoods for safety and effectiveness in a truly comprehensive manner. The requirements to earn the NEBB certification for fume hood testing (FHT) are the most demanding and rigorous in the industry. Contact us today to take advantage of this expertise!

  • Fume Hood Testing and Calibration
  • Fume Hood Testing and Calibration
  • Fume Hood Testing and Calibration
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