Laboratory Fume Hoods

Providing Today’s Most Advanced, Energy-Efficient Laboratory Fume Hoods

Laboratory fume hoods are safety devices where hazardous chemicals can be handled safely while the fumes and vapors they generate are exhausted out of the building through a specialized ventilation system.

Sander Mechanical’s expertise spans beyond just accurately testing and calibrating fume hood operation according to NEBB standards. As a full service mechanical contractor, we will work with your project team from start to finish, and offer custom solutions to meet both your life safety and your energy efficiency needs.

Our laboratory fume hood services include:

  • NEBB Certified Fume Hood Testing
  • Fume Hood Calibration and Commissioning;
  • Fume Hood System Design;
  • Turnkey Fume Hood Installation;
  • High-Performance Retrofits; and
  • Service and Repairs

Because they move conditioned air out of the lab continuously, fume hoods are highly energy-intensive. In fact, an older constant volume fume hood in U.S. climates can use more than 3 times as much energy annually as a typical single family home. This type of fume hood, with a sash opening six feet wide and two to three feet high, can circulate more than a 1000 cubic feet of air (cfm) through the sash opening at a face velocity about 100 feet per minute (fpm). The energy required to filter, move, cool or heat, and (in some cases) clean this air is one of the largest demands in most lab facilities.

This is where proper design and product selection becomes critical. Innovations in fume hood technology and design are reducing airflow thru fume hoods while maintaining or increasing safety and performance. High performance hoods have baffles, sashes, and other hood features that improve containment at a lower face velocity. Newer hoods are also designed for use with a maximum sash height of 18″ (except during equipment setup). In variable air volume (VAV) fume hoods, as the sash is lowered, the air volume passing through the hood is reduced while maintaining a minimum velocity resulting in energy savings from not having to filter, move, cool or heat, and clean that additional air.

Let Sander put its wealth of experience with critical laboratory environments to work for you! We will select and build out an optimal fume hood solution for your unique laboratory needs.