NJ Smart Start Buildings

NJ Smart Start Buildings - Prescriptive Rebates

As one of the centerpieces of New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program (NJCEP), NJ SmartStart Buildings provides significant financial incentives for incorporating energy efficient measures and equipment in new and existing commercial, industrial, and institutional buildings. The program covers a wide array of improvement options, providing incentives to offset some – or maybe even all – of the added, incremental cost to purchase qualifying high-efficiency equipment. The result is that your facility will save up front, and also down the road with considerably reduced utility bills for the long term.

Incentives for Qualifying Equipment and Projects

Financial incentives are available for both large and small projects. Ranges of incentives vary depending on the specific type, size, and efficiencies of the different eligible equipment categories.

Electric Chillers $8 to $170 per ton
Natural Gas Cooling $185 to $450 per ton
Electric Unitary HVAC & Split Systems $40 to $92 per ton
Occupancy Controlled Thermostats $75 each
Dual Enthalpy Economizers $250 per unit
Ground Source Heat Pumps $450 to $750 per ton
Gas-Fired Boilers $300 to $4,000 per unit
Gas Furnaces $300 to $400 per unit
Gas Infrared Heaters $300 to $500 per unit
Boiler Economizing Controls $1,200 to $2,700 per unit
Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) for
VAV Systems/Chilled Water Pumps
$60 to $155 per HP
VFDs for Commercial Kitchen Hoods $55 to $300 per HP
VFDs for Compressors $5,250 to $12,500 per drive
Natural Gas Water Heaters $1.00 to $2.00 per MBH
Tankless Water Heaters (>82% EF) $300 per unit
Prescriptive Lighting (LED, Induction, etc.) $10 to $200 per fixture
Performance Lighting $1 per sq. foot or up to $30 per fixture
Lighting Controls – Occupancy Sensors $20 to $35 per fixture controlled
Lighting Controls – Daylight Dimming $25 to $50 per fixture controlled
Refrigerator/Freezer ECM Motors $40 per motor
Refrigeration Covers / Doors $3.50 per linear foot / $100 per door
Refrigeration Controls $50 to $75 per control
Food Service Equipment Up to $2,000 per unit


NJ SmartStart Buildings also offers support for Custom Energy-Efficiency Measures. Custom measures allows program participants the opportunity to receive an incentive for unique energy-efficiency measures that are not on the prescriptive equipment Incentive list, but are instead project and/or facility specific.

Most SmartStart equipment incentives require pre-approval before equipment is installed.

Sander Mechanical offers experienced support through each step of the process, and will help you complete all of the applicable NJ Smart Start incentive application forms, equipment worksheets, and other supporting documentation. We’ll make the process seamless and easy, to ensure that projects are approved promptly; and rebate dollars are received as quickly as possible at the conclusion of your project.

Contact us today to learn more about taking advantage of this exciting program. We look forward to helping you get started on the path to energy efficiency!