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Safety Is Always Our Top Priority

Sander Mechanical Service has a clean OSHA record, low experience modification rating (EMR), and maintains an in-depth EHS program, which entails routine safety audits, job hazard analysis, site surveys and interviews, “near-miss” investigation, and ongoing training and education. The company’s Safety Coordinator is an OSHA Trainer. EVERY technician has completed the OSHA 10 Hour Safety Certification; with most technicians (and the management team) having their OSHA 30 Hour Safety Certification. Our robust EHS program allows clients to rest easy knowing that their projects and equipment aren’t just in capable hands, but safe ones as well.

Sander is dedicated to ensuring safe work methods and environmentally conscientious practices are followed each and every day. It is our utmost priority to make our workplace safe and healthy for not only our employees, but also for our customers and the general public. Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) objectives are integrated into our operational procedures on both corporate and individual levels for our entire staff.

  • All employees participate in Sander's ongoing, comprehensive EHS training program.
  • Site safety inspections are conducted on a routine basis to ensure safe operations of all projects.
  • Job Hazard Analyses are frequently completed for projects.
  • All equipment is well-maintained and continuously inspected to ensure safe operation.
  • Our incredibly low EMR speaks for itself: Our technicians are safe; our projects are safe; we keep our clients & the public safe.
  • MSDS, HazCom, and Safety Policies are on every vehicle and readily accessible.
  • All technicians are First Aid and CPR Certified.
  • Sander utilizes and promotes products within the mechanical service industry that are on the leading edge of sustainability and energy efficiency to reduce environmental impacts and carbon footprint.
  • We consistently maintain an “A” rating or better with ISNetworld, GRMS, and Avetta.

For inquiries regarding our EHS Program, please contact Nicole Giusti, Service Administrator, at (732) 560-0600 Ext. 102.

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