Energy Solutions

Get a grip on your energy management strategy with Sander as your partner

HVAC and lighting systems can often account for up to 75% of the total energy consumed in typical commercial office buildings in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. In fact for many commercial facilities, maintenance, repairs, and energy expenditures can comprise more than 60 percent of the building operating budget.

Having a routine preventative maintenance plan alone is not enough; as even well-maintained equipment can still be wasting energy. The equipment might be obsolete, incorrectly sized, or not properly integrated with other building systems. When it comes to intelligent control strategies, energy audits, monitoring, and equipment modifications, Sander is the expert to call. We will help you identify the most compelling energy conservation measures (ECMs) for your building and actively work with you to lower your operating costs.

In addition to proper planned maintenance, mechanical upgrades, and building automation, we’ll help you save money through load curtailment and peak shaving; developing a smart energy procurement strategy; implementing onsite distributed generation such as solar photovoltaics and combined heat and power (CHP); and generating new revenue streams through automated demand response.

As a U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR Partner and MSCA GreenSTAR contractor, we work very closely with our clients to find them ways to save money.


Energy Benchmarking

You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Our Energy Benchmark service is a quick and easy way to assess your level of energy performance and how it compares to similar buildings nationwide. It’s the first step down the path to increased profitability through lower operating costs.

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Energy Audits

To figure out how much energy is being wasted and which improvements make the most sense, Sander conducts commercial energy audits for facilities interested in reducing their annual energy spend. Investment grade audits demonstrate ROI and payback of potential ECMs, so customers can make informed decisions on where to invest capital.

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Energy Monitoring

Sander offers temporary remote monitoring of key systems to diagnose problem areas and opportunities for savings, and also permanently installed energy monitoring equipment using revenue grade (ANSI-calibrated) metering and sub-metering devices that are integrated with an Energy Management System to allow for peak demand limiting.

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Demand Response

Sander helps end customers and Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs) to generate new revenue streams by leveraging the speed and power of an integrated building management system (BMS) to participate in fully automated demand response and frequency regulation.

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Energy Procurement

Deregulated energy markets can be confusing. After completing an evaluation of your utility bills and electric load profile, Sander will help you develop a cost-effective commodity purchasing strategy. We’ll work on your behalf to secure the best rate and contract terms from third party electricity and natural gas suppliers.

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Sander performs systematic, documented surveys of HVAC and building environmental systems to identify low-cost operational and maintenance improvements within existing facilities. The intent of this process is to ensure continued, optimized performance of building subsystems over time.

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Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

We offer an off-balance-sheet solar operating lease program that enables commercial properties in NJ to generate their own clean renewable energy, without having to come up with the upfront cash needed for a capital purchase. This structure keeps customers cash flow positive throughout the duration of the system life.

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Lighting Systems Evaluation

We will survey and assess your building’s lighting fixtures, lamps, and ballasts to determine whether could benefit from an upgrade to high-efficiency lighting (such as LEDs) or lighting system controls (e.g. daylight sensors, occupancy sensors, automated window shades, etc.)

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Incentives & Financing

To facilitate funding and implementation of energy efficiency projects, Sander assists clients not only with innovative financing strategies, but also with participation in government and utility incentive programs to help customers make the vision of energy efficiency a reality.

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