Commercial Boiler Installation with Viessmann

Viessmann Boiler Advantages

Commercial Boiler Installation - Sander Mechanical is proud to be a factory-certified commercial installer of Viessmann boilers for all of New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania.

When it comes to commercial boiler installation, we utilize Viessmann gas-fired condensing boilers, the world leader in boiler design and technology. Viessmann’s hydronic boiler systems are among the most energy-efficient and economical systems for providing space heating for building occupant comfort, as well as for domestic hot water and process hot water in commercial and industrial applications.

Sander designs, installs, services, and maintains hydronic heating systems utilizing Viessmann Vitodens 200-W B2HA and B2HB series wall-mounted condensing boilers and modular rack-mounted cascade systems. We also deliver turnkey commercial boiler projects with Viessmann’s high-mass, condensing boilers: the Vitocrossal 200 CM2 and Vitocrossal 300 CA3 series boilers.

Viessmann high-efficiency condensing boilers out-perform Aerco boilers and Lochinvar boilers on reliability, durability, application flexibility, operational life expectancy , and ease of system maintenance. They offer superior heat exchangers made of high-grade SA 240-316Ti stainless steel, providing a titanium stabilized material that is more corrosion resistant for condensing boiler applications, and less susceptible to hard water scaling and heat exchanger failure.

If you’re tired of expensive natural gas bills and repair costs to keep your old, inefficient cast iron boiler running, then please consider Sander Mechanical and Viessmann for your commercial boiler installation. Viessmann condensing boiler systems will maximize comfort, improve your carbon footprint, eliminate energy waste, lower operating costs, and improve your bottom line.

Paired with Viessmann’s new Vitocell domestic hot water tanks, Viessmann boilers can simultaneously provide space heating and indirect-fired DHW production, providing maximum system performance regulated by one control and powered by one burner. Fast recovery rates, large water volume, and low standby losses translate into comfort, convenience, efficiency and reliability.

The industry-leading Viessmann commercial boiler lineup consists of the following:

Vitodens 200-W Cascade Systems

Prefabricated multiple boiler system with Vitodens 200-W gas-fired condensing boilers. Rated input: 60 to 4,240 MBH. For apartment buildings and commercial applications, new buildings and retrofits. Prefabricated distribution manifold can be wall-mounted or floor-mounted, and is available in a variety of configurations: single-line, corner or back-to-back for ultimate installation flexibility.

Benefits at a glance
  • Outstanding performance with Vitodens 200 and Lambda Pro combustion management system; ensures maximum efficiency by automatically adjusting the gas and combustion air ratio.
  • Maximum efficiency with high turndown that precisely matches load.
  • Heat exchanger is made of high-grade 316 Ti stainless steel, providing a titanium stabilized material that is more corrosion resistant and less susceptible to heat exchanger failure.
  • Simplified boiler system layout as manifold and Low-Loss Header provide complete primary loop.
  • Multiple boilers secure against interruption of heating plant operation.
  • Boilers easily assembled & hydraulically connected prior to installation w/ prefabricated manifold.
  • Flexible installation with multiple manifold configurations: floor standing, corner, or back-to-back.
  • Right or left-mount Low-Loss Header acts as hydraulic break and helps eliminate air and debris.
  • Ideal for small or difficult-to-access boiler rooms or facilities with narrow halls and stairwells.
  • All serviceable components easily accessible from the front.
  • No pipe or manifold sizing required.
  • Offered in packaged system.
  • Common venting up to four boilers.

Vitocrossal 200 CM2 Boilers

Gas-fired, high-mass, condensing boiler with fully-modulating pre-mix cylinder burner. Titanium (316Ti) Stainless Steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger. Rated input: 133 to 2,245 MBH (single) / 17,960 MBH (cascade). For multi-family apartment buildings, commercial applications, new construction and retrofits. Up to 8 Vitocrossal 200 boilers can operate in a cascade configuration.

Benefits at a glance
  • The boiler combines unparalleled flexibility with maximum efficiency, making it your ideal choice for a new installation or economical retrofit in large residential or commercial applications.
  • Extremely low NOx emissions and quiet operation from new fully-modulating Viessmann pre-mix cylinder burner.
  • Wide modulation range of 5:1 turndown ratio precisely matches load conditions.
  • Pre-assembled burner simplifies installation and commissioning.
  • Multiple venting possibilities with installed air intake kit for direct or chimney venting PP(s) or stainless steel up to 198 ft. of vent length.
  • Common venting up to four boilers.
  • Gas fuel flexibility (NG/LPG/LNG) with simple electronic conversion.
  • Low inlet gas pressure requirement (NG) as low as 4 inches of water column for compatibility with a range of supply pressures.
  • Large water content extends burner run time and reduces cycling.
  • No dedicated boiler pump required due to extremely low water pressure drop through heat exchanger – no low-loss header required.
  • Generous stainless steel heat transfer surface area for maximum heat extraction.
  • Seamless integration with building management systems.

Vitocrossal 300 CA3B Boilers

Gas-fired, high water mass, condensing boiler with fully-modulating pre-mix cylinder burner. 316Ti stainless steel Inox-Lamellar heat exchanger. Large capacities with rated input from 3,500 to 6,000 MBH. For commercial and industrial applications, boiler plants, apartment buildings, district heating, new buildings, and retrofits. Multi-boiler cascade configuration up to 16,000 MBH

Benefits at a glance
  • 316Ti stainless steel Inox-Lamellar heat exchanger surface provides maximum heat extraction while maintaining a compact size.
  • Low emissions and quiet operation from fully-modulating Viessmann pre-mix cylinder burners (up to 3)
  • Total burner modulation turndown ratio of up to 15:1 precisely matches load per boiler
  • The fully assembled boiler simplifies installation and commissioning
  • Flexibility for venting through the sidewall or chimney applications and combustion air options of sealed combustion or room dependent
  • Common venting up to four boilers
  • Gas fuel flexibility NG/LP (Dual Fuel)
  • Low inlet gas pressure capability as low as 4″ w.c. (NG) for compatibility with a range of supply pressures
  • Large water content extends burner run time and reduces cycling
  • No dedicated boiler pump required due to extremely low water pressure drop through heat exchanger
  • Vitotronic 300 GW6C can be used as a single boiler control or as a cascade primary/secondary control system
  • Seamless integration with building management systems

Viessmann Vitocell 300 Indirect DHW Storage Tanks

In contrast to most conventional direct-fired hot water tanks, indirect-fired DHW tanks from Viessmann, such as the Vitocell line, use the heating water from the boiler to heat the tank water. Space heating and domestic hot water production are integrated into one system – maximum system performance regulated by one control, powered by one burner!

Vitocell Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Tanks Deliver Maximum System Performance

With a new Vitocell tank from Viessmann, you increase your comfort level and your savings at the same time! Fast recovery rates, large water volume, low standby losses translate into comfort, convenience, efficiency and reliability. Made of high-alloy (316Ti) stainless steel, the Vitocell 300 models are not only extremely hygienic, but are known for their operational reliability and long service life.

The large heat exchanger surfaces of the Vitocell tanks extend right to the tank bottom and ensure an abundant supply of hot water and even water temperatures all day long. The heat exchanger coils are arranged for efficient venting and draining and facilitate start-up and smooth operation. HCFC-free insulation (foamed-in-place or wrap-around) reduces standby losses and increases operating efficiency. For larger hot water demand, several Vitocell 300 domestic hot water tanks can be combined into a multiple-tank battery via common headers.

Vitocell DHW Tanks – Benefits & Advantages:

  • Convenience – Fast recovery rates ensure abundant supply of domestic hot water all day long.
  • Comfort – Tank heat exchanger coil extends to tank bottom, thereby heating entire water content and guaranteeing even water temperatures at all times.
  • High level of operational reliability and a long service life due to high alloy (316Ti) stainless steel construction.
  • Extremely efficient indirect hot water production by boiler. Save up to 50% of your operating cost compared to conventional direct-fired hot water production.
  • No sacrificial anode required for additional corrosion protection; therefore no anode replacement costs.
  • High-performance insulation keeps standby losses and operating cost at a minimum.
  • Scale-resistant and corrosion-resistant; ideal for areas with poor water quality. Completely hygienic!
  • High-volume hot water – for larger hot water demand, several Vitocell 300 domestic hot water tanks can be combined into a multiple-tank battery via common headers.

Vitocell 300-V Domestic Hot Water Tanks

Single-coil, indirect-fired domestic hot water tanks made of high-alloy stainless steel to satisfy the highest expectations with respect to hygiene, recovery rates, and service life expectancy. Capacity range: 53 to 119 U.S. Gallons.


Vitocell 300-B Domestic Hot Water Tanks

Dual-coil, high-alloy stainless steel indirect-fired DHW tanks for a lifetime of hygienic DHW heating. Dual heat exchanger coil allows for solar heating applications, in addition to a hydronic boiler. Capacity range: 79 to 119 U.S. Gallons.


Vitotrans 300 - Indirect, On-Demand, High-Output, Commercial Domestic Hot Water (DHW) Heating System

Vitotrans 300 is a compact, preassembled and self-contained indirect domestic hot water (DHW) heating station, designed to provide large volumes of instantaneous hot water to commercial applications, such as hospitals, nursing homes, elder care facilities, hotels, resorts, gymnasiums, dormitories, multi-unit apartment buildings, recreation complexes, and industrial facilities. Vitotrans 300 works seamlessly with any new or existing hydronic heating system to provide a reliable and consistent supply of endless hot water at over 96% efficiency, with maximum flow rates of up to 180 GPM.

Vitotrans 300 effectively eliminates the need for systems relying on dedicated DHW heating boilers with large or multiple storage tanks. Batteries of direct or indirect-fired DHW tanks and cascades of tankless water heaters can also be replaced or avoided for maximum cost savings. For example, one Vitotrans 300, S3HA-60 could replace the need for fourteen 119-USG DHW tanks!

Vitotrans 300 Indirect / On-Demand / Commercial Domestic Hot Water Systems Deliver Reliable DHW All Day Long

Save money – Vitotrans 300 eliminates the need for dedicated DHW heating boilers, batteries of direct or indirect-fired DHW tanks, or cascades of tankless water heaters for maximum CapEx and O&M cost savings.

Mitigate Risk with Improved Hygiene – The on-demand design of the Vitotrans 300 avoids lengthy DHW storage, thereby maximizing hygienic water quality and mitigating the growing risks of legionella.

Improve System Life Expectancy – The burner-less design of the Vitotrans 300, combined with a descaling pump, result in low thermal stress and sediment build-up within the heat exchanger(s), ensuring minimal maintenance and prolonged service life.

Save space – The unit’s compact footprint (approx. 14 ft.²) makes the Vitotrans 300 an ideal choice for limited-space installations, preserving valuable real estate for other purposes.

Eliminate downtime – In multi-heat exchanger models, each heat exchanger can be individually isolated and serviced without interrupting system operation.

Vitotrans 300 Commercial DHW System – Other Features & Advantages:

  • High-performance DHW heating unit designed for applications requiring large volumes of hot water (hospitals, resorts, hotels, etc.)
  • Up to 3 integrated brazed plate heat exchangers provide built-in redundancy, eliminating downtime during heat exchanger maintenance.
  • Double wall heat exchanger(s) with leak protection option available (D3HA Series).
  • Easy installation into new or existing hot water heating systems.
  • Compact design and packaged solution for minimum footprint and hassle-free installation.
  • Pre-assembled unit with easy access to all componentry via concealed latched side panels.
  • On-demand design provides consistent flow rate all day long, even in applications with widely fluctuating DHW demand.
  • Sanitation function helps maintain maximum water quality.
  • BACnet (IP) communication for easy integration into BAS/BMS systems.
  • Integrated de-scaling pump, ultrasonic flow sensor and drip pan.

Vitotrans 300 - Commercial DHW Systems

Domestic hot water (DHW) heating system designed to provide large volumes of instantaneous/on-demand hot water to commercial applications. Works in conjunction with a heating boiler and employs plate heat exchangers to quickly and efficiently heat the required domestic hot water – eliminating need for multiple DHW tanks. Max. DHW supply temperature: 210°F. Capacity range: 5 to 180 Gallons per Minute (GPM).


Viessmann Hydronic Boiler Project Installation Gallery (Vitocrossal and Vitodens Systems)

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